FSU AME Building

About the project

Florida State University, known for its innovative research, has a one-of-its-kind premier research facility constructed by Culpepper Construction Company, it is the Aeropropulsion Mechatronics and Energy Building. Located at FSU’s Research Center at Innovation Park, the modern design of this building complements the progressive research done within.

This unprecedented research facility consists of a variety of spaces including labs, offices, teaching and meeting spaces. The facility also possesses complex mechanical, electrical and air compressions systems to support the research and learning taking place within the facility.

One of the most impressive spaces is the Aeropropulsion Building that is home to a supersonic wind tunnel, a subsonic wind tunnel, the hot jet facility, the short take-off and vertical landing (STOVL) lab and the solar simulator. These advanced systems help the AME faculty develop advanced fluid transportation and propulsion systems.

Culpepper is proud to have participated in building such an impressive and cutting-edge facility. We thank Florida State for allowing us to be a part of this project.


Florida State University


Ponikvar & Associates

Services Completed

Complete CM Services with GMP at Risk


2 Levels
67,337 SF

Completion Date

January 2012

Final Cost