FSU Jim Moran Building

About the project

In addition to their shared goals, Florida State University’s Institute for Global Entrepreneurship (IGE) and the Jim Moran School of Entrepreneurship (JMSE) now share a common place to call home, the newly completed Jim Moran Building.

Located in downtown Tallahassee, this modern facility was transformed from the skeleton of a vacant bank into a strikingly beautiful and highly useful facility. The transformation of the existing building required much more than relocation of a few interior walls. Major structural changes were required at each floor level, basement and roof, as well as exterior walls. All Building Systems; HVAC, Plumbing, Fire Protection, Electrical, data and Building Controls, were replaced with new systems capable of servicing the needs of both IGE and JMSE for years to come.

The building now consists of a variety of multiple-use spaces such as the collaboration room, the incubator room, the program room, and meeting rooms, offices, a study and library. The feeling of openness and transparency was created throughout the building by the use of full-height glass walls from front to back.

One of the two most impressive spaces within the building is the two-story multi-media Event Space, again surrounded on three sides by glass walls and balconies. Another important space is the Monumental West Staircase. designed to honor and depict the life story of Jim Moran, this is a three story open stairwell with pictorial graphics and quotations designed to provide inspiration and aspiration to all who come.

The exterior was also designed to be inspirational with three-story glass facades, copper walls and accented with beautiful canopies. Culpepper Construction is proud have participated in the building of such a functional and impressive facility. We thank FSU for allowing us to be a part of this project.


Florida State University


Architects Lewis + Whitlock

Services Completed

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3 Levels
20,000 SF

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