Hospital Renovations – CRMC

About the project

This project involved the renovation of three occupied hospital spaces. We were given 90 days and a “night shift work window” from 6PM until 6AM. The hospital has extremely stringent indoor air quality and construction containment measures that had to be met and maintained throughout the course of construction. Two of the areas were in sterile environments, which required all construction personnel wear bunny suits, hair nets, and shoe booties any time they entered or exited the work area. HEPA air scrubbers, temporary partitions, and walk off mats were used to contain any particulates within the confines of the construction area.

The first area renovated was Cath Lab #4, which was receiving new CT scan equipment. The project required us to remove the existing flooring, saw cut the floor slab to inset a one inch thick steel mounting plate for the tilt table, and work with GE to provide new electrical and telecommunications pathway for the equipment.

The Central Sterilization suite processes all the dirty tool sets from surgeries and procedures conducted throughout the hospital. It is a key ingredient to maintaining a healthy, safe, and infection free hospital. The suite utilizes one cart washer, one large 3-compartment sink, three washers, and three steam sterilizers. We were tasked with swapping out the existing equipment with new models while keeping the suite fully functional with at least two washers and sterilizers available for use at any time.

The conversion of the Operating Room required us to gut the storage room ceiling and floors and to turn it into a fully functional OR suite. Massive ceiling boom support structures had to be fabricated and installed to support the surgical light booms and the equipment boom. Medical gas piping had to be brought to the equipment boom and ceiling manifolds. All new ceiling framing had to be installed for a gyp board ceiling with hospital grade lights, diffusers, and access panels. The OR suite required special isolation electrical panels that step down the power to 55 volts.

All three renovations were completed on time and passed all AHCA inspections.


Capital Regional Medical Center


Conn & Associates

Services Completed

Hard Bid


3,200 SF

Completion Date

April 2019

Final Cost