PC Port Authority

About the project

The East Terminal Warehouse for the Port Authority is located in Panama City.  This project is a new warehouse facility that was built to hold and store paper products prior to shipping overseas. It consists of 252,000 SF of warehouse storage. Due to the high loading requirements the design entailed an 8” concrete slab on grade with a double mat of # 4 rebar each way. In addition, to achieve minimal construction joints the slabs were placed in approximately 25,000 SF pours. The project specifications required that the concrete slab tolerances meet a floor flatness score of 45 and a floor levelness score of 35, which was achieved. The Port had a desire to have as few vertical columns as possible which necessitated longs spans of 160’ in length. The roof was then placed on bar joists to carry the metal roof panels.

On the north side of the building lies a 15,000 SF covered train loading dock complete with railroad storage tracks that have the capacity to hold 74 railroad cars plus engine storage. There are 8 tractor trailer loading docks complete with dock levelers and dock locks.

The associated management spaces include 2,500 SF of office areas, bathrooms and a break room. The exterior portion of the project includes heavy duty asphalt paving for outdoor storage and truck parking lots complete with site lighting and high-level security fencing with operable gates. The fire suppression system required a 175,000-gallon water storage tank in order to meet the requirements per the building codes.


Panama City Port Authority


Mott MacDonald, Bill Perry

Services Completed

Hard Bid


252,000 SF

Completion Date


Final Cost

$25,350,000 - Added Scope